Taylor Gang microG Vape Pen

Brand: Grenco Science

The Taylor Gang micro G Pen Vaporizer sports a new and improved air flow system, and equipped with four tanks, 2 for your dry blends and 2 for concentrates...Read more

  • $79.99


Taylor Gang micro G Vape Pen

Introducing the latest release in the micro G series by Grenco Science, the Taylor Gang micro G vaporizer. Customized with a fresh & futuristic design, the microG comes with four tanks, two for essential oils & two for dry herbs. It also features a new and improved airflow system with the addition of a ceramic rod within each tank for optimum flavor.

Taylor Gang microG Vaporizer
2 Tanks for Essential Oils
2 Tanks for Dry Herbs
5 Mouthpiece Sleeves
USB Charger
micro G Keychain
Taylor Gang Patch
Grenco Science Patch