Titan 2 Vaporizer

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The Hebe Titan 2 herbal vaporizer is a robust vaporizing instrument featuring an intuitive temperature control system. It offers a wide-mouth heating chamber for easy...Read more

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Hebe Titan 2 Vaporizer


The Hebe Titan 2 Herbal Vaporizer is a robust vaporizing instrument featuring a temperature control system. It has a wide mouth heating chamber for easy loading, cleaning and features a durable and rugged exterior. Temperature control down to the degree offers a customized vaping experience.

Press button 5 times to activate/deactivate the device

.75 inch LCD display temperature

Adjustable temperature: Adjustable from 200 to 428 Fahrenheit

Alternate between Fahrenheit and Celsius

Saves the setting temperature you chose previously so you don't need to repeat the process during your next session

Timer protection: Device will turn off after several minutes of inactivity

Low voltage protection: When the battery is nearly dead, the device will stop heating & LCD backlight will flash

Titan 2 Vaporizer
USB Charger
Cleaning Brush
Chamber Screens

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